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Trouser leg rolled up us? Who does not want to dirty pants after a ride on the bike, usually opt for this easy way. But it is also different.
There is a close connection, which almost all cyclists, however, are averse: If the oily bicycle chain the leg comes too close, which gives not only a mess and most broken material, it can also be dangerous. Who wants to prevent falls and keep a clean pair of trousers with safety vest, which has few alternatives?
Of course you can put the leg in the stocking, but there are more viable alternatives that also look better and are more secure. For around five Euros there straps made of thin steel, which are attached at the ankle and the fetlock includes velvet fabric. However, she does not feel any as comfortable. Alternatively textile variants with snaps or Velcro are available that fitted to the flighty leg and conveniently can be fixed after the ride on the handlebars or racks. The press service Bicycle advises, for a model to decide with reflective tape, because these help to identify the cyclists in the dark.
For stylistically confident getting around town the Gift Shop design3000 offers a bike with Velcro and wings. Thus, the safety aspect still gets a fashionable touch. The Fly rider of Donkey product is available in orange, yellow and light gray online for 12 Euros.
If the tour is longer, special cycling reflective vest as the "Homey Rain Pants" VAUDE offers. Although it is around 100 Euros more expensive than a simple sport pants, but can be set differently closely at the leg, also protects against rain and also almost looks like an ordinary pair of jeans.
Because not only lost legs but also laces in the chain is to pay attention to those as well. Who wants to invest as casual cyclists no large sums in special road shoes from a specialized dealer can order the bike-clothing manufacturer Gyro sneaker, although they have a lacing, but this protected by a Velcro strap. If a walk taken by the city, the least expensive models are 50 Euros with its muted outsole for also.

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